Looking back now, it seemed like an impossible task. To become the leading lechon dealer in the country today is no walk in the park. As we always say, it’s all a mixture of “sipag, tiyaga, tipid, lakas ng loob, swerte, at tiwala sa Diyos.”

MILA’S LECHON started in the late 60’s, when hardworking couple Serafin and Antonina Cesario decided to make a living out of selling lechon in La Loma. It was nothing more but a means to support their corn and sari-sari store income. They had no idea then how much this new venture would affect not only their lives, fake rolex milgauss but the Filipino taste as well.

Aling Nena was fond of naming all their business endeavors after her children, and so in 1968, when Aling Nena’s youngest daughter Milagros was born, they decided to name the lechon business “Mila’s” after her.

Thirty-seven years later, the struggling business they have nurtured from infancy has now grown into a major industry which many tried to rival. From the small La Loma kiosk, Mila’s has given birth to 8 more branches in Quezon City, and can cater to deliveries not only throughout Metro Manila, but to provinces as far Ilocos, Baguio, and Quezon.

Mila’s Lechon & Restaurant was primarily engaged in selling that crispy, sumptuous, juicy tender native lechon pork that lasts longer. We later ventured to cooking the best roasted calf in town, with its very tender meat that is marinated with different spices and wines, which makes it mouthwatering, coupled with an original lechon baka gravy. To guarantee quality, we undertook breeding our own native hogs so to ensure that they are raised for one purpose alone — to provide you with the best lechon specimen.

Mila’s Lechon has been a consistent awardee as Best Lechon Maker since 1973.. a testimony, no doubt, to our commitment to quality and excellence.

lamb leg roast on a steel plate


To serve nothing but the best, and to continue improving our products and services through research, while still maintaining the traditional “Mila’s Lechon” taste.


To provide the best quality of food and services to customers of all classes, at very affordable prices.


Mila’s Lechon and Restaurant is committed to cater quality native lechon, roasted calf, and catering services. We comply with sanitary regulations of the National Meat Inspection Commision(NMIC), and as proof, we have been consistent awardees as the cleanest establishment — even the best slaughterhouse — in the National Capital Region.


This business will continue to contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of the country, and shall fulfill our dedication to support the government by upholding our laws and working with integrity and professionalism.


Our establishment has 8 branches with enough employees and facilities to cater the customers’ needs, from small quantities to big orders, to be delivered to any part of the Philippines or even abroad.
Yet, one needs not prominence to avail of our goodwill… Just visit us anytime and experience service fit for a king!